Standards - SK Bearings



SK Bearings is quality assured to ISO 9002.

Our products are manufactured to the following British Standards:

Component Standard
Natural Rubber EN 1337
P.T.F.E. BS EN ISO 13000
Stainless Steel BS 4360
FireFoam BS 476


If you have any questions not answered here, our technical department will be pleased to assist. Alternatively, please see the link to the British Standards Institute website.


Recognising the difference between a bearing that will do its job safely and reliably over the life-span of a building and one which does not can make a very significant difference – by avoiding the expense of remedial work and in some cases, legal proceedings.

Superficially, a perfectly good bearing may look no different from one which will fail in service. So here, we provide a brief guide to ensuring that the bearings selected will perform as intended.

  1. Has the rubber compound been formulated specifically for use as a structural or bridge bearing?
  2. Are there any defects in the bond between elastomer and steel reinforcement plate (or PTFE surface)?
  3. Are components chemically bonded under heat and pressure?
  4. Has the moulding process resulted in an even cure?
  5. Do the materials meet or exceed British Standards?
  6. Does the manufacturer apply rigorous standards to materials, manufacture and quality control?
  7. Does the manufacturer offer customers the choice of seeing the products tested before they leave the factory?
  8. Does the manufacturer offer to check the products are suitable for the purpose specified, without charge?
  9. Does the manufacturer provide free technical and field support?

At SK Bearings we have always believed that cutting corners on structural and bridge bearings is a false economy. The idea is not a new one – as Shakespeare noted in the Merchant of Venice, ‘The sweetness of low price is long outlasted by the bitterness of poor quality’.

This is why SK Bearings is philosophically committed to the highest standards in design, selecting materials, manufacturing, technical expertise and quality control. SK Bearings come with reliability and quality built-in.

Sales and Technical Support

An SK Bearings expert is on standby with all the information you need for your sales related enquiries and to provide you with all the technical information you need for your bespoke solution or product.

SGS System Certification, UKAS Management Systems
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