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Design Services

Non-standard types

If your requirements are not met from our standard range of bearings, we would be pleased to offer a bespoke product design to suit your particular requirements.

SK Bearings have developed thousands of innovative products over the last 50 years. This is particularly true of landmark projects where new approaches frequently present novel challenges. For example, our specialized products are used in the Channel Tunnel and the Thames Barrier.

Design Check

It is important to note that the majority of the data provided in our publications must necessarily be illustrative and may be subject to a variety of other variables (such as rotational requirements).

There is a great deal of flexibility across our product range (for instance to include holes and slots for holding down bolts, providing additional movement etc). It is also often possible to combine multiple arrangements of bearings to meet particular requirements.

However, because of the grave repercussions which could follow if the wrong type of bearings are used, we strongly recommend that specifiers check that the products are suitable for their intended purpose with our Technical Department. We offer this service free of charge.

Testing Facilities

SK Bearings is quality assured to ISO 9002. Our testing facilities meets Grade A standard and its calibration is certified by the National Physical Laboratory. It is capable of imposing vertical loads of up to 10,000 kN combined with horizontal loads of up to 470 kN. Hence, it is possible to conduct full scale tests on complete bearings to the required standard.

Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the latest equipment, enabling our technical staff to check products at each stage of the manufacturing process and maintain a high standard. Certificates and letters of conformity are available for our products if required.

We have the facilities to undertake compression and shear tests as per EN1337-3 standard. We invest substantially to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in testing, research and quality control.

For further information, our technical department will be pleased to assist.

Technical & Field Support

Free technical support is available and is part of our service.

Our service continues beyond the point of sale. For example, we follow through with site visits to advise contractors on how our products should be installed.

We are also available to assist with projects involving remedial work, or where our products may be required to solve a particular problem.

Sales and Technical Support

An SK Bearings expert is on standby with all the information you need for your sales related enquiries and to provide you with all the technical information you need for your bespoke solution or product.

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