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Welcome to SK bearings, a division of Dixon International Group Limited based in Cambridge UK. We design, manufacture and test structural bridge bearings, to prevent structural cracking and extend the life expectancy of the bridge or building.

SK Bearings have a long established record of developing novel solutions. Thousands of our bespoke products are in use around the UK and Worldwide.

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Progress update: Our new press…

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy onsite with the installation of a…

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New Websites

Dixon International Group Ltd have taken a keen focus to ensure we can provide an…

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SKA Bearing Acoustic Pads

The SK Bearings research and development team have come together to produce a bespoke bearing…

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New Technical Data Sheets

The SK Bearings team have been working extensively to produce and publish our new product…

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Sales and Technical Support

An SK Bearings expert is on standby with all the information you need for your sales related enquiries and to provide you with all the technical information you need for your bespoke solution or product.

SGS System Certification, UKAS Management Systems
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