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About Us

A division of Dixon International Group Limited of Cambridge in the UK

Celebrating 60 years of cutting-edge research and products

Manufacturers of bridge and structural bearings

Our products prevent structural cracking and extend the life expectancy of the bridge or building

Providers of Bespoke solutions


SK Bearings was founded in 1960 by Bernard Dixon following a successful career as a maltster and brewer. Besides publishing various works and winning international prizes for his beers, he invented the original Brewmaster recipe and ran the UK’s 24th largest company.

SK Bearings is a division of the Dixon International Group Ltd. which manufactures award winning products for the construction industry.

SK Bearings is a Division of The Dixon International Group Ltd., which was identified by the Design Council as one of Britain’s most innovative companies in 1999.

  • Founded by Bernard Dixon (1960).
  • BBC & Sealmaster develop acoustic seal for BBC’s studio doors (1975).
  • Council of Industrial Design Award for range of seals (1986).
  • Thames Barrier protected with specialised vertical sliding bearings.
  • English Heritage use upgrading membranes developed in response to the Windsor Castle fire (1995).
  • British Antarctic Survey installs Sealmaster weather seals in the Halley Base at the South Pole (1999).
  • Eurotunnel use specialised Pipe Saddle Bearings (1999).
  • Design Council makes 4 Millennium Product Awards for creative & innovative new products (1999).
  • DETR / Building Centre Trust case study on best practice use of IT features one of our on-line services (2000).

Sales and Technical Support

An SK Bearings expert is on standby with all the information you need for your sales related enquiries and to provide you with all the technical information you need for your bespoke solution or product.

SGS System Certification, UKAS Management Systems
Approved Constructionline
English Heritage