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SKE Bearing


Features Benefits
Choice of Elastomer SKE Bearings are supplied in natural rubber compound, formulated to fully comply with BS 5400, as standard.
Monolithic Manufacture Each steel-reinforced SKE bearing is moulded as a single monolithic block. No subsequent assembly of the bearing or components is required other than fixing in epoxy mortar, where this is required.
Computer-Aided Choice See standard types (above) for general data useful to engineers at the outset of a project. For the best performance and optimal value, we recommend putting more precise requirements through our free computer-assisted selection service. This is available without charge for standard and non-standard types. Specifications offered by our Design Department are backed up with calculation data to BS 5400 or BS EN 1337-3.
Acceptance Testing Engineers requiring acceptance testing for vertical compressive and horizontal loading are welcome to witness and approve such tests at our factory prior to despatch.